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Top 5 Places to Get Braces in Houston

Top 5 Places to Get Braces in Houston
  • Services - This is based on both the range and quality of services at each clinic. We selected the ones with the best of both.
  • Reasonable Rates - We compared the costs of standard procedures at each clinic to find the ones with the best deals for you.
  • Location - This is based on parking space, surrounding establishments, and general area of each place.
  • Customer Service - We chose the clinics with the most professional, prompt, and responsive customer service. We want to make sure your time is respected.
  • Customer Satisfaction - We reached out to past clients to hear their experiences at each clinic. We picked the places with the happiest customers!

1. Omega Dental Specialists

Omega Dental Specialists' Homepage

Services: Orthodontists, periodontists, endodontists, cosmetic dentists

Website: https://omegadentists.com/ 

Address:  106 W Gray St, Houston, TX 77019, United States

Contact Information: +1 713-322-7474

Operating Hours: M-F 9AM-5PM, 9AM-3PM

Google Reviews Score4.6/5
Facebook Reviews Score4.6/5
Total Reviews5/5
Score Consistency4.6/5
Reasonable Rates4/5
Customer Service3/5
Customer Satisfaction4.6/5


  • Braces for $65/month
  • Free consultations for braces


  • Difficult parking
  • Issues with responsiveness

Omega Dentist Specialists in Houston has over fifteen dental specialists for your teeth’s needs. These include orthodontists, surgeons, periodontists, endodontists, and cosmetic dentists.

They’re well-known for their work with braces, which is a point for us. These braces cost only $65 a month, and they offer flexible monthly payment plans.

We also found out that they offer free consultations for those who are interested in getting braces! We liked this a lot because it allowed us to discuss how long treatment would be, and how much it would likely cost.

On average, 6 months of treatment with braces would cost $2000. This is really reasonable pricing, and we should note that they accept several insurance providers.

We’re also happy to note that the dentists and hygienists we spoke with were kind and professional. They were very reassuring and knowledgeable in their work with braces.

However, we did have a bit of a hard time reaching their customer service line. This can be really inconvenient for needs such as refunds and scheduling.

Parking in the area can be pretty difficult too, and we found out the hard way. We recommend getting a spot as early as you can before your appointment.

2. Greater Houston Orthodontics

Greater Houston Orthodontics' Homepage

Services: Traditional braces, Invisalign, Damon braces

Website: https://greaterhoustonorthodontist.com/ 

Address:  4191 Bellaire Blvd Suite 275, Houston, TX 77025, United States

Contact Information: +1 713-667-2222

Operating Hours: M-F 8AM-5PM

Google Reviews Score4.9/5
Facebook Reviews Score4.9/5
Total Reviews4/5
Score Consistency5/5
Reasonable Rates5/5
Customer Service4/5
Customer Satisfaction5/5


  • No-interest payment options
  • Full-payment discounts and multi-family member payments


  • Difficult rescheduling
  • Treatment timeline subject to a lot of change

Greater Houston Orthodontics has a team of four board-certified orthodontists. They’re led by Dr. Amir Davoody and Dr. Rana Mehr.

They offer different types of braces, including traditional metal braces, Invisalign, and Damon braces. In fact, their website claims they are within the top 1% of Invisalign providers in the U.S.

We really like that their website is so informative about their services. We were able to read up on the different kinds of braces, and learn what to expect when you get them.

Greater Houston Orthodontics also offers different financing options. They offer full-payment discounts, no-interest payment plans, and multi-family member discounts.

We absolutely love this because it makes their services more accessible to a lot of people. It shows that they really care about giving you affordable but quality services.

Another thing we really like about their team is their professionalism and kindness. The staff and dentists were very patient, understanding, and reassuring about the procedure to us.

However, we should note that a small number of customers said that rescheduling an appointment can be tough. We could tell that it was a pretty busy place.

Some people also said that the timeline for their treatment with braces changed a lot, which can be pretty frustrating. We want you to know what to expect.

3. Advance Orthodontics – Dr. John Karotkin

Advance Orthodontics - Dr. John Karotkin's Homepage

Services: Invisalign, quick braces, TMJ/TMD

Website: https://advanceorthodonticshouston.com/ 

Address: 10455 Briar Forest Dr #200e, Houston, TX 77042, United States

Contact Information: +1 713-783-8888

Operating Hours: M-F 7:30AM-5:30PM

Google Reviews Score4.9/5
Trust Analytica Reviews Score4.9/5
Total Reviews4/5
Score Consistency5/5
Reasonable Rates4/5
Customer Service4/5
Customer Satisfaction5/5


  • Same day braces
  • Full-payment discounts, interest-free financing
  • English and Spanish speaking


  • Wait times before appointments

Dr. John Karotkin of Advance Orthodontics offers traditional braces, Invisalign, OrthoPulse, and other services. He is recognized by H Texas Magazine as one of Houston’s top dentists.

Their website is also pretty informative about braces and similar alternatives, which we appreciate. We read up about the choices before reaching out.

They do offer complimentary consultations, which we really liked. We were able to discuss what to expect in terms of duration and price, which you can do before fully committing.

They also offer same-day braces, which can be pretty convenient for a lot of people. This isn’t a very common practice, so if you want your braces ASAP, this might be the place.

We also found out that they offer full-payment discounts and interest-free financing with Lending USA. They do automatic payments through your checking, credit, or debit card account.

We also like that the staff at Advance Orthodontics is fully prepared to accommodate both English and Spanish-speaking customers. This can make the experience more comfortable for a lot of people.

Dr. Karotkin is also very efficient, patient, and knowledgeable in his work. Talking to him was very reassuring, because he clearly knew what he was talking about.

However, we should note that some customers did say that scheduling can be a bit difficult at the clinic, which is unfortunate. A few of them also said appointments can sometimes start late, which means you’d have to wait a little.

4. Dr. Heather Brown Orthodontic

Dr. Heather Brown Orthodontic's Homepage

Services: Traditional braces, Invisalign

Website: https://drheatherbrown.com/ 

Address: 2636 S Loop W #100, Houston, TX 77054, United States

Contact Information: +1 713-665-4455

Operating Hours: Mon-Thurs 8:30AM-5PM

Google Reviews Score5/5
Facebook Reviews Score4.9/5
Total Reviews5/5
Score Consistency5/5
Reasonable Rates3/5
Customer Service4/5
Customer Satisfaction5/5


  • Invisalign Elite Provider


  • Open only Monday-Thursday
  • Very busy clinic

Dr. Heather Brown is a very well-known orthodontist in Houston. She’s been recognized by Houstonia Magazine and HTexas Magazine.

We think her fantastic reputation is pretty amazing, and she’s got the skills to back it up. She has even received the 100 Black Men Phenomenal Woman of The Year Award.

Her clinic offers both traditional braces and Invisalign, which gives you options. According to her website, she’s considered an Invisalign Elite Provider.

However, we should note that Dr. Heather Brown is only one woman, and her reputation makes her quite busy. It might be a little more difficult to schedule an appointment with her.

They’re also only open four days a week, with Fridays to Sundays off. This might be a little inconvenient for those who have to take time off of work for their appointments.

Still, Dr. Brown is definitely very thorough with her work. The entire staff is also very accommodating and friendly, setting us at ease in the clinic.

We should note that it’s a very large and popular practice, which is great for some. However, this also means that the place is very busy.

If you want a more intimate experience, it may not be the best clinic for you.

5. Houston Orthodontic Specialists

Houston Orthodontic Specialists' Homepage

Services: Braces, Invisalign, general orthodontics

Website: https://www.houstonortho.com/ 

Address: 5101 Bellaire Blvd Suite #270, Bellaire, TX 77401, United States

Contact Information: +1 346-888-4078

Operating Hours: Mon, Tue, Thurs 8AM-5:30PM, Wed 10AM-6PM, Fri 9AM-12NN

Google Reviews Score4.9/5
Birdeye Reviews Score4.9/5
Total Reviews5/5
Score Consistency5/5
Reasonable Rates4/5
Customer Service3/5
Customer Satisfaction5/5


  • Multilingual clinic
  • Smile Express
  • Online appointments available


  • Customer service can be hard to reach
  • Inconsistent business hours

Houston Orthodontic Specialists has three board-certified orthodontists. These are Dr. Tabakman, Dr. Bloome, and Dr. Khan.

We absolutely love that it is a multilingual clinic, making it accessible to different people. They speak English, Russian, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, and Urdu.

We also love that they have online check-in appointments available. This makes it pretty convenient for patients to reach them when they have concerns or questions.

They also have an offer called Smile Express, which is a quick and affordable Invisalign treatment. We think this is really great for clients who are busy or on a budget.

They told us that most cases will finish in 6 months, with total costs being 50% less than traditional Invisalign treatments. We have to admit, that sounds pretty great.

We also found out that they offer flexible personalized payment options, which is really great. You can discuss no down payment, zero interest, and low monthly payments.

Some clients that we reached out to did mention that the business hours can be pretty inconsistent. This is unfortunate, and we know how inconvenient that can be.

We also noted that reaching customer service can be pretty difficult sometimes. Some customers also said that they’re often put on hold for long periods on call.

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