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Top 5 Security Companies in Houston

Top 5 Security Companies in Houston

Our Criteria:

Attentiveness – Security companies must be alert and meticulous when guarding an establishment or a person. The security personnel should also listen to the client’s concerns and address those immediately.
Experience – The best security companies in Houston should have a long track record of keeping their clients secure from outside and inside threats. They should also have a wealth of experience dealing with many security challenges.
Equipment – Protecting something requires different kinds of safeguarding tools. So, companies must possess multiple security gadgets to better do their jobs. 
Specialization – We chose firms that offer different kinds of protective services to clients. They must also be well-versed in securing people and places in multiple kinds of situations and schedules.

    1. 24 & 7 Security & Investigation

    24 & 7 Security & Investigation Homepage

    Services: Armed Security Guards, Unarmed Security Guards, Private Security, Executive Protection, Event Security, Loss Prevention, Mobile Security Patrol, Construction Site Security, Security Assessments

    Website: https://247si.com/ 

    Address: 2110 Jefferson St #101A, Houston, TX 77003

    Contact Details: (713) 247-9092

    Operating Hours: Monday to Friday: 9:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.

    Saturday to Sunday: Closed

    Google Reviews Score4.8/5
    Yelp Reviews Score5/5
    Facebook Reviews Score5/5
    Total Reviews4.5/5
    Score Consistency5/5


    • Excels in providing armed guard security
    • Armed guards are properly trained to handle firearms and diffuse commotions
    • Gives out free security assessment to their clients’


    • The main office is open only on weekdays
    • Difficult to contact on their online platforms

    24 & 7 Security & Investigation is a security company that has been providing Houstonians with armed guards for over 20 years. 

    The armed security guards that this company sends to their employers use handguns. We think this type of weapon is effective enough to deter criminals without being too intimidating to other people, especially in a public establishment.

    These guards also have the usual communication and protective equipment like batons, bulletproof vests, and walkie-talkies.

    When it comes to their training, it’s commendable that the guards are educated with the necessary knowledge of gun safety and target practice to deal with aggressive threats. 

    Despite their expertise in shooting guns, these armed personnel mostly practice de-escalation tactics to discourage people from entering a building or causing a commotion.

    People who want to hire armed security should always look for guards that would employ peaceful methods first before shooting. This is to avoid unnecessary harm to people that may result in a lawsuit.

    Do take note though, that their office is only available on weekdays. With this, you may not be able to contact them rapidly on Saturdays and Sundays.

    Also, some clients found it hard to contact the company through their e-mail and online profiles.

    Still, it’s great that 24 & 7 Security & Investigation provides a free security assessment to all their clients. 

    Here, the guards would inspect the property to look for vulnerabilities and red flags that a criminal might exploit in the future. They would also suggest countermeasures to address these weak spots.

    2. Optimum Security Professionals

    Optimum Security Professionals Homepage

    Services: Commercial Security Services, Residential Security Services, Private Security Services, Public Transportation/Transit Security Services, Asset Protection Services, Event Security Services, Industrial Security Services, Emergency Response Services

    Website: https://optimumsecuritypros.com/ 

    Address: 1980 Post Oak Blvd Suite100, Houston, TX 77056

    Contact Details: (713) 568-1763

    Operating Hours: Monday to Friday: 9:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M.

    Saturday to Sunday: Closed

    Google Reviews Score4.5/5
    Yelp Reviews Score2/5
    Facebook Reviews Score4.3/5
    Total Reviews4.5/5
    Score Consistency4/5


    • Provides security plans and personnel to government facilities
    • Systematic creation and implementation of protective measures
    • Communicates well with their employer


    • Services are a bit costlier than others
    • Office hours are short

    We’re amazed at how Optimum Security Professionals provide government buildings and offices with security-related service.

    When protecting government facilities, the company first creates an extensive security plan before sending their personnel. 

    This step includes a risk assessment of the site and its surrounding area, creating emergency routes in case of disasters, drafting contingency plans for dangerous scenarios, and testing the protection capabilities of measures already in place.

    In addition, this security company also runs an extensive background check on every guard and security expert they send to these government buildings. This is to avoid hiring untrustworthy people that might steal files from these places.

    We also like how the company guards protect the facilities themselves. Aside from constant monitoring of areas where sensitive documents are stored, the guards would also watch the outside to scan for possible intruders.

    Note that government offices, especially those that process legal documents, could become targets of criminals because of the sensitive nature of their work. To avoid such incidents, the security company should be meticulous in all aspects of its service.

    Due to their expertise, the company charges a little bit more than others. Their headquarters also have short office hours.

    Despite the hours, Optimum Security Professionals’ hotlines are available 24/7, with their staff always ready to answer security-related calls at any time of the day.

    3. Ranger Guard and Investigations

    Ranger Guard and Investigations Homepage

    Services: Unarmed Security, Mobile Patrol Services, Loss Prevention, Armed Security, Workplace Security, Special Events, VIP Security, Foot Patrol Services, K9 Security Company

    Website: https://rangerguard.net/ 

    Address: 4660 Beechnut St Suite 200, Houston, TX 77096

    Contact Details: (832) 501-3331

    Operating Hours: Open 24 Hrs

    Google Reviews Score4.4/5
    Yelp Reviews Score2.5/5
    Facebook Reviews Score4.9/5
    Total Reviews5/5
    Score Consistency4/5


    • Provide clients with K-9 security units
    • Excellent event security management
    • Offer tactical training to company security to address dangerous situations


    • Guards sometimes show up late for events
    • Some customers had difficulties contacting guards

    Ranger Guard and Investigations is the company to call if you’re looking for security teams that also have K-9 units.

    We’re in awe because the K-9 units that the company deploys on security missions are trained to attack intruders that might threaten the security of a place. Also, these units have the necessary training as sniffing and rescue dogs.

    Usually, these dogs are accompanied by a K-9 handler that knows advanced dog obedience techniques, ensuring that these units won’t attack civilians senselessly. 

    With these K-9 units, Ranger Guard and Investigations also excels in providing security to special events.

    During events like concerts, the handlers stay at the entrance to assist the others in checking for dangerous items that people might sneak in. Here, the K-9 units sniff for things like illegal drugs or guns that might injure people in the venue.

    It’s also great how these dogs help the events team with managing the crowd and making the people listen to the security guards. In our opinion, this service is a must-have to avoid deadly stampedes resulting from poor handling of crowds.

    Although, there are rare instances when some guards show up late at events due to scheduling issues. Concerning that, some clients also can’t reach the security team, especially during busy hours.

    Nevertheless, Ranger Guard and Investigations offer tactical training to company security so they could properly respond to threats like active shooters or terrorist attacks.

    4. City Security Services

    City Security Services Homepage

    Services: Residential Security, Fire Watch, Event Security, Parking Security, Manufacturing, School Security, Construction Security

    Website: https://citysecurityservices.com/ 

    Address: 10050 Northwest Fwy Ste 270, Houston, TX 77092

    Contact Details: (713) 485-4425

    Operating Hours: Open 24 Hrs

    Google Reviews Score4.6/5
    Facebook Reviews Score5/5
    Total Reviews4/5
    Score Consistency5/5


    • Has monitoring services for residential area
    • Security guards are trained to handle fire watch duties


    • Has a few offerings regarding commercial security
    • Fire watch costs extra

    City Security Services excels in protecting residential areas from criminal activity.

    During their duties, the security guards patrol the zone extensively, looking for intruders and other safety hazards that may threaten the safety of people living in apartment complexes or subdivisions.

    If necessary, the guards also use their vehicles to quickly perform an inspection on the surrounding areas. They also handle some operational tasks like opening and closing buildings and escorting residents.

    Aside from that, it’s also remarkable that this company provide fire watch services to businesses to assist in the fire protection of a facility.

    Remember that the National Fire Protection Association requires those with fire alarms and sprinkler systems to have a fire watch to aid people in case these protective systems fail.

    It’s wonderful that the guards from this agency are trained to respond to and extinguish small fires. Aside from that, they also know basic fire evacuation techniques to help people properly exit the building during these events.

    It’s also commendable that the security personnel also know the basic protocols included in a fire watch duty like notifying both emergency services and the building occupants of an emergency.

    This company, however, offers fewer commercial protective services than others. Also, note that the fire watch service requires an extra fee.

    Regardless, we appreciate how quick the staff of City Security Services was when answering queries. After a few minutes, they provide quotes and price estimates for people inquiring.

    5. Houston Eagle Security LLC

    Houston Eagle Security LLC Homepage

    Services: General Security Plan Services

    Website: https://www.houstoneaglesecurity.com/ 

    Address: 7100 Regency Square Blvd, Houston, TX 77036

    Contact Details: (346) 322-8566

    Operating Hours: Open 24 Hrs

    Google Reviews Score4.6/5
    Facebook Reviews Score5/5
    Total Reviews3/5
    Score Consistency4.5/5


    • Customizable security plans for every occasion
    • Owners and managers are ex-military officials


    • Doesn’t offer armed security
    • Has a smaller team compared to other companies

    Clients of Houston Eagle Security LLC like how easy it is to avail customized security services fit for their every need.

    Like any other provider, this company first starts with an inspection so the security expert could draft a plan for your building or event. Then, the experts ask you for any request when it comes to security to better tailor the plan for your needs.

    We also think it’s nice that this security firm first presents their protection plan before you sign a contract with them. With this, the client has a choice whether to continue working with this company or seek better guard services.

    If you sign a contract with them, the managers debrief the assigned guards on the protective services they perform during the duration of their service. To assure clients, they would also forward a copy of every guard’s credentials.

    After that, the managers would send daily reports for incidents, observations, and records of every guard’s attendance record. 

    However, this company doesn’t have an armed security option. If you prefer a guard who carries firearms, this company may not be the right one for you.

    Also, the company’s security team consists of only 5 guards. This number may not be enough for bigger tasks like event security.

    Still, it’s great that Houston Eagle Security LLC’s owners and managers are ex-Army and Navy officers, respectively. This guarantees that the higher-ups of this company have experience in handling and neutralizing threats.

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