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Top 5 Virtual Office Providers in Houston

Top 5 Virtual Office Providers in Houston Homepage

Our Criteria:

Amenities – We picked the best providers of virtual offices in Houston that have multiple fixtures that can help employees with their work, including printing, conference areas, high-speed internet connection, and others.
Ambience – A pleasing working environment can boost the performance of a company. Thus, these office space rental firms should have clean and beautiful spaces perfect for every type of company and field.
Location –  One of the main purposes of a virtual office is to provide a formal, physical address for companies without the need to purchase a property. With that, the location of these rental spaces must be accessible to the tenants.
Customer Services – These virtual office providers must provide services like maintenance work and security akin to actual corporate office buildings. The providers must also have staff present to manage difficulties in the rental space.r satisfaction

1. Office In America Co.

Office In America Co. Homepage

Services: Social Media Management Services, Office Address, Fax Number, Phone Number, Phone Answering, Live Receptionist, Mail Handling, Package Handling, Teleconference Number, Coworking Space, Conference Rooms, Office Space

Website: https://www.officeinamerica.com/ 

Address: 6200 Savoy Dr STE 1202, Houston, TX 77036

Contact Details: (713) 893-1400

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday: 9:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.; Saturday to Sunday: Closed

Google Reviews Score5/5
Yelp Reviews Score5/5
Facebook Reviews Score4.9/5
Total Reviews4.5/5
Score Consistency5/5


  • Provides excellent Receptionist Service
  • Has events for networking and business growth


  • Office spaces are a bit dull for some clients
  • Has a separate storage fee

We like Office In America Co.’s specialty in providing receptionist service for small businesses and startups.

The offering includes a full-time front desk executive that can physically tend to your business customers and answer queries regarding your services. The staff will also schedule appointments on behalf of your company.

We like the politeness and meticulousness of the company’s door staff, ensuring that the customers they serve get the best experience. For us, this is a great service as the receptionist smoothens the connection between the client and the company.

Besides that, this provider also hosts seminars that aim to help bosses grow their businesses and network their company with others. It’s also an excellent opportunity to meet other companies and strike partnership deals.

Although Office In America Co. delivers efficient front desk services and helpful seminars, their office spaces are a little bit dull. Even though the rooms exude a peaceful and sterile aura, some don’t find their earthen-colored walls enticing.

Businesses also need to pay a separate fee for storing packages. Thus, if your company deals with projects that need many parts, you need to have some budget for this fee.

Regardless, it’s wonderful that Office in America Co. doesn’t have parking fees, unlike other office rental spaces. With that, you don’t need to worry about ticket fees piling up, especially if you work full-time in their office space.

2. Local Office West University

Local Office West University Homepage

Services: Coworking Space, Virtual Office Space, Meeting Rooms, Private Offices, Podcast Studio

Website: https://localoffice.com/west-university/ 

Address: 2617 Bissonnet St Suite 200, Houston, TX 77005

Contact Details: (713) 357-9696

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday: 9:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.; Saturday to Sunday: Closed

Google Reviews Score4.8/5
Yelp Reviews Score5/5
Facebook Reviews Score5/5
Total Reviews4.5/5
Score Consistency5/5


  • Has many onsite amenities
  • Office spaces has a laid back, café-like feel 
  • Pet-friendly establishment


  • Difficult to find parking
  • Doesn’t have reception services
  • Thin glass walls

What drew us from the Local Office West University is the number of amenities their site can provide business owners renting their spaces.

Aside from the office space, the company also has several onsite services like printing,  mini library, and even a podcast recording booth. We’re amazed with the flexibility of the site, which takes away the burden of finding the said services outside.

We’re also awestruck by the aesthetics of Local Office West University’s offices. Unlike most rentals, the company has a building designed to look and feel like a café, providing an environment that fosters productivity without the claustrophobic feel.

Business owners, especially those managing a single-person company, must remember to consider their working environment as it affects a person’s drive to work, as well as the overall mood in a day.

Although, the front division of the office spaces in Local Office West University are only made of glass. This means that some workers complain about hearing the other room’s meetings.

Some customers also find it difficult to find a parking space around the office, forcing them to find one far from the location. The company also doesn’t have a specialized reception service for their tenants.

Still, we love that the Local Office West University has a pet-friendly facility. They even have stress-relieving dogs that people can play with when they need a break from work.

3. WorkLodge Flexible Office & Coworking Space

WorkLodge Flexible Office & Coworking Space Homepage

Services: Meeting Rooms, Offices, Day Pass, Coworking, Event Space, Virtual Office

Website: https://www.worklodge.com/ 

Address: 118 Vintage Park Blvd, Suite W Houston, Texas 77070

Contact Details: (844) 967-5563

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday: 9:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.; Saturday to Sunday: Closed

Google Reviews Score4.8/5
Yelp Reviews Score4.5/5
Facebook Reviews Score4.9/5
Total Reviews5/5
Score Consistency5/5


  • Offers Office Day Pass Services
  • Hosts networking events to help their tenants expand their reach 


  • Day Pass Service isn’t applicable for small businesses.
  • Tour guides don’t elaborate much on the amenities and inclusions

WorkLodge Flexible Office & Coworking Space main selling point is its Office Day Pass Services.

Instead of a monthly contract, the company can rent out an office for shorter time periods, whether it’s per day or per week. The service includes the same inclusions as the company’s virtual office services but with a more flexible renting scheme.

We think it’s helpful for companies with a hybrid work setup, especially during the pandemic when workers often shift from onsite and work-from-home setups. Companies with fewer work days can also benefit from this payment setup.

However, people must note that this service is expensive and the areas they rent out for their Day Pass can only accommodate up to 50 workers. In our opinion, it’s not the right fit for small businesses. 

The company’s tour guides are also a bit brief in their walkthrough of the rental spaces, which is a bit disappointing as they don’t elaborately describe the amenities and inclusions of the offices.

On the other hand, we like this firm’s initiative to provide businessowners a platform to network their products. During these events, business mentors will facilitate business connections and share a few tricks to improve one’s company.

For small businesses, the said events can provide them reach that will help their startup grow. The owner may also attract investors that will fund them, as well as future customers.

4. Astor Business Centers Inc

Astor Business Centers Inc Homepage

Services: Virtual Office, Virtual Mail Box, Business Support

Website: https://astorbusinesscenters.com/ 

Address: 15015 Westheimer Pkwy Suite D3, Houston, TX 77082

Contact Details: (832) 617-7959

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday: 9:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.; Saturday: 10:00 A.M. – 3:00 P.M.; Sunday: Closed

Google Reviews Score4.8/5
Yelp Reviews Score4/5
Total Reviews4/5
Score Consistency4.5/5


  • Focuses on giving Business Support Services
  • Quickly responds to customer needs


  • Fewer amenities than other companies
  • Bland working spaces

Aside from Virtual Office Rental, one of the best offerings that Astor Business Centers Inc provides is its Business Support Services.

The highlight of this service is the Virtual Mail Box where their staff arranges the messages received in the company email. This ensures that the inbox shows the most important mails first like in common messaging apps.

We believe this service can save a lot of time, as navigating email inboxes can be tedious. Thus, it’s recommended for small businesses to avail proper email management for maximum efficiency.

Also, there are various upgrades that Astor Business Centers Inc offer  to optimize businesses, like renting out credit cards and developing the online presence through designing social media pubmat and company websites.

The said benefits are the right fit for newly-created businesses that need all the help they can to become self-sufficient. These support services also lift the burden off owners’ backs by making transactions easier and faster.

However, this company has fewer amenities and additional services compared to other companies. We also don’t like the bland layout of their rental spaces because it makes the atmosphere of the workplace a little boring.

Despite that, Astor Business Centers Inc quickly responds to the needs and questions of their existing clients, working as soon as possible to address the problems present.

5. Servcorp Houston

Servcorp Houston Homepage

Services: Remote Team Package, Office Solutions, Virtual Offices, Coworking, Meeting Rooms

Website: https://www.servcorp.com/en/office-spaces/locations/houston/ 

Address: Downtown Houston – TC Energy Center, 39th Floor, 700 Louisiana Street

Houston, TX 77002; The Galleria: Williams Tower, 41st Floor, 2800 Post Oak Boulevard Houston, TX 77056

Contact Details: Downtown Houston: (832) 390-2700 The Galleria: (832) 390-2300

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday: 8:30 A.M. – 5:30 P.M.; Saturday to Sunday: Closed

Google Reviews Score4.7/5
Yelp Reviews Score4/5
Total Reviews4.5/5
Score Consistency4.5/5


  • Has many inclusions in its Virtual Office Services
  • Has 2 high-rise location in Houston
  • Helps businesses with administrative tasks by providing workers


  • Charges extra for office supplies
  • Rent is a bit costly than others due to inclusions

What we love about Servcorp Houston is the inclusions provided in its Virtual Office Services.

Besides the rental of an office space, the company also provides IT-related services for business to fix issues in your business devices. Their landline infrastructure also allows call routing to forward calls to cellular networks.

For us, this service is a notable inclusion because it enables small businesses to save money. They no longer have to hire a separate IT company to work on their computers and mobile phones, which can be expensive for startups.

Aside from that, Servcorp Houston will also provide access to their listing platform where you can advertise your business to their sites outside Houston. It’s also great that the Virtual Office comes with free use of Servcorp office spaces outside your own unit. 

In addition, people in Houston who want to rent spaces won’t need to worry about slots. This company has 2 high-rise facilities in Downtown Houston and The Galleria Area.

The company, however, charges extra for several supplies like ballpens and printing. Also, their rent is a bit higher than other companies, mainly due to the inclusions of the service.

Still, Servcorp Houston also helps businesses with tasks like customer service and data encoding by hiring and recommending workers for the said work.

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