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Dentistry in Mexico — A Complete Guide

Dentistry in Mexico — A Complete Guide

Going to the dentist in Houston can be expensive if your dental treatments are not covered by insurance. That’s why many Houstonians go to Mexico for dental work to save money and time.

We know what you’re wondering: why Mexico? 

While Mexico is generally better known for food (even street tacos are amazing, so that’s understandable), Mexico’s popularity in dental care has grown in recent years. 

What makes Mexico a popular destination for dental treatments

Medical tourists are attracted to Mexico because medical procedures cost a fraction of what they do in their home countries. Dental care in Mexico can be as much as 80% lower than what you would pay in Houston. 

There is also the possibility that dental treatments will not be covered by insurance at home. Those with dental insurance are unlikely to have a plan covering all the expensive procedures.

Moreover, major restorative dental work will likely exceed an individual’s annual limitations on their insurance plan. 

Apart from the cost, patients seeking dental care in Mexico are also generally impressed by the quality of their care and their standard of hygiene. 

Dentists must invest in training and equipment to stand out among the numerous dental clinics, particularly in towns known for dental tourism. The majority of dentists in Mexico speak excellent English as well.

Plus, wait times are shorter in the country, particularly if you need to see a specialist. In Mexico, you can often find dentists from various specialties under one roof, making dental visits extremely convenient.

What to consider when going to Mexico for dental care? 

What to consider when going to Mexico for dental care

It can be challenging to narrow your options and choose the right dentist in Mexico. You may still have hundreds of choices after selecting a location. 

Considering that every clinic claims to be the best, you should conduct your own research or consult with a third party before making a choice.

Some things to research are whether the dentist holds qualifications and accreditations. A dentist’s previous work and testimonials let you know if the dentist is experienced in the dental procedure or treatment you’re looking to get done. 

Make sure you’re well equipped with knowledge about the dental procedure you are getting done as well as finding out what treatment packages the dental clinics offer—if any. 

Dental Procedures Cost 

Before you travel to Mexico for dental treatment, it’s a good idea to find out how much it would cost at home. It’s then easier to compare the local rates with those in Mexico and determine whether it’s worth it. 

Suppose you are sure this is the right option, or you are already in Mexico. In that case, the following approximate dental costs can be helpful:

Dental Implants$3000 - $4000$450 - $1600
All-on-4 Implants$12000 - $25000$5600 - $13000
Porcelain Veneers$800 - $1400$250 - $550
Root Canal$400 - $1000+$100 - $305
Acrylic Dentures$2000 - $3500$190 - $625
Dental Bridge$2000 - $5000$420 - $1250

While you won’t know the exact price until your dentist consults with you, the table above should give you a general idea.

Are dental procedures in Mexico safe?

Are dental procedures in Mexico safe

The safety of dental treatment in Mexico is understandably a big concern for patients, mainly if oral surgery is involved. Since this treatment type is particularly invasive, infection risks are higher. 

Complications can occur regardless of where you go or how skilled your dentist is.

In the same way, as you would research upscale steakhouses or the best Italian in your area, you want to research the accreditation, training, and experience of the dentist of your choice. Make sure to read the reviews too. 

Ensure dentists wear protective gear, such as face masks and sterile gloves, to maintain high hygiene standards. Other than dental work, some are concerned about safety in Mexico. 

Despite this, much work has been done to make the country safer for tourists. 

Which dental treatments are most common in Mexico?

Which dental treatments are most common in Mexico

In Mexico, virtually any type of dental treatment is available. Still, the following are a few of the most popular types.

Dental implants

Dental implants

Although dental implants in Mexico are often Western-standard, it’s best to check before getting them done. Your home dentist might have difficulty maintaining a foreign implant system. 

Three visits are usually necessary to fit the screw, abutment, and crown on dental implants. 

Note that to compare Mexican and home costs, it’s essential to factor in transportation and accommodation since the visits may be spaced out by months.



Composite veneers and porcelain veneers are two options you have when it comes to veneers. 

A composite veneer uses a soft, hardenable material that can be bonded to your tooth in one visit. As the cheapest veneer option, they usually deteriorate after five years.

On the other hand, porcelain veneers last longer but cost more. A more significant amount of your tooth may also need to be removed to allow the porcelain to fit appropriately. 

Unless you choose an ultra-thin type of porcelain known as Lumineers. Porcelain veneers are Mexico’s most popular type of dental veneers because they are more durable and better looking.



The All-on-4 concept might be more suitable for you if waiting months for new teeth is inconvenient. With this system, four to six implants are placed per jaw. 

The procedure can be completed in just two visits, unlike traditional implants. A temporary denture will also be fitted at the first appointment. 

The system may not be suitable for everyone, so consider the pros and cons carefully before deciding.

Other dental treatments

Other dental treatments

Mexico also offers more affordable treatments such as root canals, tooth crowns, dentures, bone grafts, teeth whitening, and braces. 


Why is dental care cheaper in Mexico than in Houston? 

As a result of Mexico’s low cost of living, dental prices are lower. Also, low prices are achieved by high competition among dental clinics.

Will my dental insurance cover my dental work in Mexico?

There are already cheaper dental treatment costs in Mexico, but that doesn’t mean you need to pay for them yourself. Your dental insurance may also cover dental care in Mexico.

Check with your insurance broker or insurer for the specifics of your policy.

Where are the best dental clinics in Mexico near the US border? 

Nuevo Progreso, Nuevo Laredo, Ciudad Juárez, Mexicali, Tijuana, and Los Algodones are all cities that hold well-known dental clinics near the border of Mexico. 

What are the top destinations for dental tourism in Mexico? 

The top destinations in Mexico for dental tourism are Mexico City, Playa Del Carmen, Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, and Cancun. 

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