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Your Guide to Eloping in Houston 

Your Guide to Eloping in Houston

Thinking of eloping in Houston? We’ve prepared a guide that tells you everything you need to know about it!

What is an elopement? 

What is an elopement

An elopement is an alternative to a traditional wedding. Usually, elopements consist of  ten or fewer guests, and they can happen anywhere. 

Eloping couples rarely do much wedding planning, but it is still possible to have a wedding planner. Having an experienced wedding planner does help make the elopement process much more manageable. 

For many, eloping is appealing because you can do whatever you want. You don’t have to conform to strict standards for your wedding day and worry about whether it will be perfect. 

Eloping enables you to let go of all the expectations from your friends, family members, and society that they put on you to have the best wedding day ever. In other words, elopement allows you to make your wedding day whatever and wherever you want it to be.

Where are the top places to elope in Houston? 

Where are the top places to elope in Houston

Some of the top places to elope in Houston are at the Houston Arboretum, Celebration Gardens, Galveston Beach & Seawall, The Oak Atelier, Heather’s Glen, Buffalo Bayou, and The Gardens. 

Houston Arboretum 

Website Houston Arboretum
Address4501 Woodway Dr, Houston, TX 77024 USA
Contact Info713-681-8433

The Houston arboretum is a great elopement location for lovers of nature who want to be surrounded by wildlife and rich greenery while they exchange their vows. Its serene 155 acres allow you to say I do nearly anywhere in the park, whether next to the lily ponds or on the decks. 

There are several different unpaved trails throughout the Arboretum. So if you have a few elderly family members in your elopement, this is good to keep in mind.

The Houston Arboretum has specialized venues for smaller weddings where you can choose to have your elopement if you have more than you and your spouse-to-be. Or you can use their indoor venues to have a small reception after your elopement and indulge in authentic Italian dining or tender steaks—if that’s what you prefer. 

To have your elopement at the Houston Arboretum, you need to secure a permit in advance before making a booking for any of their indoor venues. 

While it is free for you to enter the park, they have paid parking and a $175 fee for a two-person elopement. 

The pricing varies depending on how many guests you add to your elopement ceremony and whether you choose an indoor venue, the pricing varies.

Celebration Gardens 

Celebration Gardens
Website Celebration Gardens
Address1556 Hermann Dr, Houston, TX 77004 USA
Contact Info713-524-5876

Celebration Garden is the pinnacle of sophistication and class. The grass in this well-kept garden is perfectly green, and tall hedges and pruned shrubbery allow for maximum privacy during your elopement ceremony. 

It is a true garden oasis in the middle of the bustling city. You can exchange vows with your closest friends and family as witnesses in this private location. 

Before you can have your elopement here, though, you need to secure a permit. You can do this by calling McGovern Centennial Gardens in advance. 

With the express rental, you are limited to 35 additional people only. 

Their express rental pricing of the gardens is $250 during the off-season months. (January, February, June, July, August, September, and December) During the peak wedding season, prices skyrocket to $500. 

So if you’re looking for cash left over to go towards a taco truck for your reception, planning your elopement during the off-season is your best bet. 

Galveston Beaches & Seawall 

Website Galveston Beach & Seawall
Address6285 Seawall Blvd, Galveston, TX 77551 USA
Contact Info888-425-4753

Although sandy beaches may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Houston, a beach 45 minutes west of Houston might be suitable for your small elopement. 

Exchanging vows with your only true love from Galveston Beach is a joy if you and your love enjoy watching the sunrise together. Take your first walk together as newlyweds on the beach and reflect on life as you admire the magnificent view of the Gulf. 

There is no permit required to have an elopement at Galveston Beach. Any beach areas reserved in advance are roped off and kept clean until your elopement. 

If you decide to get hitched at Galveston Beach, keep in mind that there are no restrooms, and parking could be a problem if you have more than just you two. 

The Oak Atelier 

Website The Oak Atelier
Address15475 Pin Oaks Dr, Conroe, Texas 77384 USA
Contact Info832-304-3925

Although The Oak Atelier is in Conroe, thirty minutes from Houston, it’s a common place among Houstonians to go for elopements. 

The Oak Atelier offers four distinct spaces, each with its unique style. The Elm room, with its antique claw foot tub, aged blue brick wall, and a dark floral mural on a concrete-textured wall accessible through the French doors, has a moody feel. 

Or, the glass greenhouse, The Willow, has chandeliers, marble floors, and ceilings that are 17 feet high and abundant with plants to be stand-in guests for your intimate elopement. 

We recommend checking with The Oak Atelier in advance when securing your permit because the prices per venue can vary. However, if you reserve all four rooms, the pricing starts at $250 an hour.

The Vale

The Vale
Website The Vale
Address200 E Phillips St, Conroe, TX 77301 USA
Contact Info832-827-3295

The Vale not only has their own venues, but they perform the elopement ceremony for you, load the playlist, and provide the floral candelabras. So there is no need for you to make any last-minute flower deliveries or find an ordained minister.

All you have to do is decide on whether you want to get married in their Victorian gardens or the chapel. 

The Vale’s entire package for couples only is $495. This includes everything mentioned above. However, their schedule fills up fast, so be sure to decide on your special day in advance. 

Buffalo Bayou: Sunset Coffee Building

Buffalo Bayou Sunset Coffee Building
Website Sunset Coffee Building
Address1019 Commerce St, Houston, TX 77002 USA
Contact Info713-752-0314

Buffalo Bayou is one of Houston’s pride and joy, as there are multiple attractions within the park itself. Indeed, you can even get eloped at Buffalo Bayou Park. 

A recommended spot to get eloped at is the Sunset Coffee Building. They offer three locations to choose from: the rooftop terrace, the plaza, and the indoor cafe. 

Any time between the hours of 6 AM. and 11 PM., seven days a week, the building is available for rent. The starting price is $1,000.

No matter what you choose, if you hire a videographer for your elopement, they will be able to capture the elegant Houston skyline as you share your first official kiss as a married couple.

The Gardens 

Website The Gardens
Address12001 Beamer Rd, Houston, TX 77099 USA
Contact Info281-481-0181

Elope at the Gardens in southeast Houston, where you and your future spouse will only be present for the beautiful Italian-style chapel. Bring a photographer if you want to take pictures—perhaps in front of the 12-foot-tall fountain—and make sure your celebrant is prepared. 

Ultimately, you’ll want to remember this day fifty years from now. If your elopement takes place between Monday and Thursday, the cost should be $295.

Do note that you and your love only have one hour to complete your vows. 

What are some elopement planning companies? 

Three elopement planning companies known in Houston are ElopeInTexas, Walk Up Weddings, and Blisswood Bed & Breakfast. 


Website ElopeInTexas

ElopeInTexas works with couples to arrange elopements in Houston, Texas, at locations like Brenner’s on the Bayou, Houston Warehouse Studios, and Agave Estates, as well as in the Hill Country and Mexico. 

Elizabeth Slack, the owner, calls the couple to ensure that all of their requirements for their wedding day are met.  

ElopeInTexas offers two elopement packages: “Just the Two of Us,” which starts at $1,200, and “Mini-Wedding,” which starts at $3,250 and can accommodate up to 50 guests. 

Both of these packages include things like photos, booking a location, and bouquets.

Walk Up Weddings

Website Walk Up Weddings
Address5905 Guhn Rd, Houston, TX 77040 USA
Contact Info832-413-5283

[email protected]

Walk Up Weddings is your company if you prefer a small, inexpensive elopement. They offer low-cost ceremonies starting at $205, so you can save money for an extravagant honeymoon. 

Monday through Friday, Walk-up Weddings officiates ceremonies at the Westwind Club, a dive bar and dancehall in North Houston. No need to worry about happy hour; this dive bar comes with unlimited drinks for you and your spouse. 

With Walk-Up Weddings, you can have your elopement anywhere, but it has to be thirty miles from Westwind Club to avail of the company’s set-up services. 

Blisswood Bed & Breakfast 

Website Blisswood Bed & Breakfast
Address13597 Frantz Rd Suite W, Cat Spring, TX 78933 USA
Contact Info713-301-3235

At Blisswood Bed & Breakfast, you can hide away for your marriage weekend at their 350-acre ranch. Blisswood Bed & Breakfast provides almost everything you need, including a professional photographer, for an extra fee. 

All you need to worry about bringing to your elopement is yourself and your marriage license. 

Their lake countryside gazebo—which looks like it’s straight out of a fairytale is available for ceremonies if you purchase their $500 elopement package. 

If you’re willing to spend more on your elopement, their “Just the Two of Us” package includes a wedding cake and server for $800. Of course, you can always hire your own caterer to create the cake of your dreams. 


Where can I find an ordained minister on short notice?

You can find an ordained minister by asking a family member or a close friend to become an ordained minister on the day of your elopement. In Houston, numerous places allow quick and easy ordination. 

How do I get a marriage license in Houston?

To get a marriage license in Houston, you first need to apply in person at any of the 11 county clerk’s offices in Harris County, Houston. Make sure to bring valid IDs, the application, and the $74 application fee. 

Do note that if you are not from Texas, the fee increases to $174. 

For your marriage license to be valid after your elopement, the license must be returned to the place in which it was initially filed. Make sure to have your marriage license signed by whoever officiated your elopement. 

How long must I wait before getting married?

You must wait to get married in Houston for at least 72 hours after receiving your marriage license.  

Does my marriage certificate expire? 

Yes, your marriage license expires after ninety days. Hold your elopement within ninety days to avoid redoing the entire marriage license process again. 

Eloping in Houston is not difficult once you have a location picked out. Picking a place with your spouse-to-be makes the elopement planning more memorable for you. 

The above locations and elopement companies might be of use to you as you decide where your elopement ceremony is. 

Remember, your special day is as unique as you want it to be. Whether you have fifty guests or if it’s just the two of you for an intimate elopement. 

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