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Where to Meet Older Singles in Houston

Where to Meet Older Singles in Houston

Houston is a great city, not only to grow up in, but also to grow old in. It’s warm, has a strong sense of community, and has many places to go to – making it a much better place if we have someone to experience it with.

Dating has always been a challenge, especially for those who are getting older. Many are intimidated with the idea of it because they are no longer young, but you may be surprised what Houston has in store for you.

Older singles can either approach someone the traditional way and get to know them with small talk, or go on an online dating site. There are also many parks, markets, shops, and bars where older singles can meet.

As the old adage says, age is just a number.

So if you’re older, single, and ready to mingle, read on.

Going the traditional route 

When we’re talking about dating, the most straightforward approach would be to try and get to know the person in real time. While the younger generation would opt to do so via social media, going traditional may be effective for older singles.

Given that Houston is a sprawling city with many places to hang out in, there is almost always the opportunity to meet someone interesting.

If this doesn’t work for you, there is always plan B.

Meeting singles in the city

Houston offers a place for every type of person, so you can most certainly get your very own meet-cute anywhere in the city.

You can approach anyone and start a conversation in a coffee shop, at the farmer’s market, while you’re walking at the park, when you’re heading to the underground tunnel, or wherever. Just put your best foot forward and if the chemistry sets in, you’re in luck.

Another great place to spot some older singles is at bars and cocktail lounges. 

A few of our recommendations would include Poison Girl if you like eclectic interiors, pinball machines, and cocktails; Bosscat Kitchen & Libations for their rustic aesthetic, comfort food, and whiskey; or Leon’s Lounge for a hideout with vinyl on the turntable and craft drinks.

If you prefer a more lively night out, then the places to be are the Etro Night Club, with their chill 80s dance tracks; Chayn’s Night Club for high energy dancing and karaoke; and the Big Easy Social and Pleasure Club for live music and boogying.

Meeting through mutuals

Another way to go about this is to meet with acquaintances, family friends, or friends of friends. While it is nice to meet new people, this set-up adds familiarity to the mix, so you’re safer and have more things to talk about.

Having a common ground can be a great way to ease into a good friendship then an eventual relationship. Also, being in similar circles means you can get to know the person better, and evaluate if you are both aiming for the same goals.

Going on dating sites

Not exactly the cup of tea of older generations, but hear us out. Going on online dating websites can be an exciting experience if you choose one that is well-suited to your preference.

Houston is a big melting pot of a city, and we’re sure that a good lot of us are already online.

That said, research on which websites are best – not only for your age, but also for your interests, religion, and ethnicity. 

While it is nice to have an online persona, we recommend you opt for authenticity when looking for a date. That means being forward with what you want, and avoiding older singles that seem inauthentic and catfish-y.

Things to talk about

If you’re thinking twice about online dating because you’re not good at making conversation via chat, we have some topics to keep the ball rolling.

You can ask them about their profession, hobbies, or other things that fill their time. One way to know how well you can get along is by the similarity of your interests.

You can also ask them for recommendations on the best spots to go in Houston, or if they have been to the beaches you frequent. This is also a way to gauge if they like the outdoors, prefer to go shopping, or would opt to stay at home during the weekends.

Keep the conversation light and fun. Dating websites aren’t the best places to discuss the deep stuff, but they can certainly bring wonderful opportunities to find friends.

Best dating sites to try out

Given that the singles dating pool in Houston comprises various ethnicities and types of people, looking for someone to date online can be a challenge. This is very much true if you limit yourself to social media profiles. 

However, with the help of dating sites designed for older singles, you can find your match using their system and algorithm.

If you want premium services, detailed profiles, a large community of members, and plenty of positive features, eHarmony is a good dating website to start on. Elite Singles is a close second for their more sophisticated matching system.

Christian Mingle is a top choice among christians who prefer dating within their religion, while The League’s rigorous screening sets their matches for more long term relationships. 

If you’re black and you prefer dating within your community, then the BLK is your best choice. However, if you’re only down for something casual, you can try AFF or Adult Friend Finder, Tinder, or Hinge.

Being safe

Most of the people in the dating game are younger people and those with more experience in technology. Because of this, we urge our older singles in Houston to be extra careful with what they share.

That means no exchanging of passwords, personal info, banking or financial data, or that of your other family members. Establishing a boundary until you fully trust and have done a background check on the person is essential in this day and age.

With all that being said, best of luck to you out there!

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