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Why You Should Try Floating the Frio River in Houston

Why You Should Try Floating the Frio River in Houston

We all need a refreshing getaway during the summer season, and there are plenty of things you can do to enjoy your leisure time. You can get a massage, get your hair done, or do some shopping.

Still, nothing says relax like a classic weekend floating at the Frio river.

Going to this destination may take a four-hour drive, so we do recommend you pass by some great spots while you’re on your way. While there are no apartments in the area, you can stay at the available lodging cabins for the night to make the most out of your visit.

If you’ve gone floating at the Frio river before, then all this isn’t news to you. But if you still have no clue what goes on here, then you’re in for a treat.

Here are the top reasons why you should go floating the Frio River in Houston.

Safe place to practice paddling

Contrary to what most tourists think, Frio River has rather slow moving waters with many low current dead zones. This is definitely a good place to start learning how to paddle as a beginner.

Also, its pristine clear spring waters are easy to navigate and barely intimidating to swim in. We recommend you prepare the proper paraphernalia anyway to ensure safety, especially for children.

Moreover, tourists still need to watch out for rapids and waterfalls in certain areas when paddling, kayaking, or swimming.

Their float trips and tube rentals are under the management of Neal’s Lodges, as well as the other available amenities. They also keep guests informed if the river is flowing at dangerous speeds.

Scenic views bordering the river

If you’re a nature photographer (Row27 – photographers houston Houston) then you would love the line of cypress trees bordering the Frio river. Lush greenery, rugged hillsides, and spectacular views of the mountains are also a sight for sore eyes.

As you travel further and reach the swimming hole, a great place to swim under the sun. There, you can get more beautiful views of both the crowds and the vegetation. 

All day fun at the ranch

Once you’re done with swimming and paddling, the Neal Ranch is a hundred acre land containing a petting zoo, trail rides, and horseback riding areas. This is a hit with families visiting the Frio river.

The zoo is also a home to exotic animals like ibexes, zebras, goats, deers, and giraffes.

If you look up often, you might catch some bat flying up in the sky during the late afternoons. That’s because the area is the habitat of the second largest bat population in the world.

More fun at night

If you’re staying for the night, then the Frio River offers nothing short of an exciting night life. Their amenities include an arcade for kids, a bar for adults, an outdoor dance floor, and a live band stage.

Their activities allow for a more relaxing night after a fun day of swimming with the river’s current. It also pays to stay the night because of the amazing view of the stars in the night sky.

We also think it is best that you bring your food and drinks beforehand so you won’t run out. That means you can make use of their many grills to barbeque all day!

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