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5 Best Breakfast Brunch Spots in Pasadena

5 Best Breakfast Brunch Spots in Pasadena
  • Great brunch selections: Now more than ever, Pasadena needs a great, filling brunch spot. Thus, the ideal breakfast brunch spot in Pasadena should offer a great variety of brunch food options for its residents to enjoy!
  • Affordable prices: You’re bound to enjoy your food when you don’t have to pay a lot of money for it, and we all know Pasadena prices are insane! That’s why the ideal breakfast brunch spot in Pasadena should offer cheap, delicious food!
  • Accessible location: Pasadena is huge, and you might be passing out on the best breakfast brunch spots there because they’re too far! Thus, the ideal spot should be accessible and easy to find - to save gas, of course!
  • Lots of variety: Brunch isn’t just pancakes and waffles - it should also have mimosas, omelets, and lots of other items, too! Thus, the ideal breakfast brunch spot should offer great variety on their menu, too!
  • (Optional) Delicious lunch menu: Now, this one’s optional - but if you’re too late for the breakfast brunch in Pasadena’s brunch menu, then they should (ideally) also have a delicious lunch menu, too!

1.) Pappa Yolk’s Grill

1.) Pappa Yolk's Grill

Credit: Pappa Yolk’s Grill

Website: Pappa Yolks Grill 

Address: 5824 Spencer Highway, Pasadena, Texas 787505

Contact info: 281-741-0626

Operating hours: Monday – Sunday: 5:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Google Reviews Score4.4/5
Yelp Reviews Score3.8/5
Facebook Reviews Score4.1/5
Total Reviews4.2/5
Score Consistency4.2/5


  • Great variety on the breakfast menu
  • Affordable price
  • Texas sandwiches
  • Daily lunch specials


  • Food presentation isn’t a priority

The thing that we like the most about Pappa Yolk’s Grill is the astounding variety of breakfast and brunch food options for the residents of Pasadena to enjoy! 

Pappa Yolk’s Grill’s breakfast food variety is astounding! Their food all has that home-cooked quality to it, and they have every option from pancakes and eggs to more savory breakfast tacos, too! 

Best of all, you won’t have to spend lots of money with their breakfast menus – their food’s price ranges from $5 for one pancake to $16.50 for the Steak & Eggs. And it’s relatively affordable when you compare them to their price!

If you want the balance between affordable price and great flavor, we suggest trying out their breakfast tacos – the Meat Lovers Taco, to be exact. The tacos bring the hash browns, meats, and cheese together, and they’re all packed in there nicely, too! 

Yes, we’re very happy with their food – but their food’s presentation is not as good. They don’t look bad per se, some food items just don’t look as good as you might imagine it to be, especially their Potato, Egg, and Cheese Breakfast Tacos.

But when it comes to Pappa Yolk’s Grill, looks can be deceiving. Their lunch menu also has this situation, but the flavor really makes it worth it! A tip from us, they have a daily rotating lunch special – visit them on Mondays for their delicious Salisbury Steak! 

2.) Tostada Regia 

2.) Tostada Regia

Credit: Tostada Regia 

Website: Tostada Regia

Address: 2328 Southmore Ave. Pasadena, TX 77502

Contact info: (713) 475-5999

Operating hours: Sunday – Thursday: 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM 

Friday – Saturday: 8:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Google Reviews Score4/5.
Yelp Reviews Score2.9/5
Tripadvisor Reviews Score5/5
Total Reviews4/5
Score Consistency4/5


  • Walk-ins only
  • Specializes in Mexican food
  • Great drink selections
  • Homemade Tostadas


  • Not a lot of variety on the menu

Suddenly got a craving for a Mexican breakfast brunch spot in Pasadena? Then we suggest visiting Tostada Regia’s Pasadena branch and trying out their original, in-house Tostadas!

Yes, their Tostadas are homemade – the crunch is great, and it’s a perfect fit for any meat that comes along with it. We suggest getting their Tostada de Carne Deshebrada if you’re in the mood for something spicy! 

Tostada Regia’s brunch menu doesn’t fall short, too! Their Big Joe Burrito, especially – it’s loaded with all the breakfast food bells and whistles all for $6. And it’s a lot more filling and delicious when you compare it to the equivalent burrito from Taco Bell.

Then again, where Tostada Regia falls short is in variety – they’re a Mexican breakfast brunch spot first and foremost. If you’re in the mood for pancakes or waffles, then you’re better off somewhere else. Plus, their only vegan option is a Cup of Fruit.

But what they lack in food options, they make up in their drinks menu! Yes, there’s not a lot to choose from in the first place, but the drinks can surely give you a trip towards a fun town. Get their Vampira, take a shot of the Tajin on the side of the glass, and enjoy!

3.) Black Bear Diner

3.) Black Bear Diner

Credit: Black Bear Diner

Website: Millie’s

Address: 3497 E Sam Houston Parkway South Pasadena, TX 77505

Contact info: (281) 909-7303

Operating hours:  Monday – Sunday: 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Google Reviews Score4.4/5
Yelp Reviews Score3.8/5
Facebook Reviews Score4/5
Total Reviews4.1/5
Score Consistency4.1/5


  • All-day breakfast
  • Affordable add-ons
  • Specialty Bear’s Choice is a must-try
  • Great variety on the menu


  • Some items are heavy in calories

With their specialty Bear’s Choice being literally on their name, Black Bear Diner is an All-American dining experience that you should try – no matter how heavy they are on the calories!

We appreciated Black Bear Diner’s approach to breakfast – unique, flavorful, and the best part, you can get them all day! And that’s a good thing since their Bear’s Choice is a must-try for us. And you’ll only need $3 to get an upgrade, which we like!

We also have to give them some props for keeping their add-on price relatively low. Most of the add-ons on their breakfast menu will set you back $2 – $3, which is a lot more affordable compared to other breakfast brunch spots in Pasadena that offer more.

But even if they’re good, we really can’t recommend them if you’re on a diet since their Bear’s Claw can be a bit on the heavier side. Yes, that negative isn’t really for everyone, but if you’re on a calorie watch then you’re better off looking somewhere else.

That being said though, their great variety also means that they have diet-friendly options, too! Their Avocado Toast is good but isn’t filling enough. Their Chicken Sausage Scramble has the same amount of calories but has a lot more flavor.

4.) Eight Turn Crepe Pasadena

4.) Eight Turn Crepe Pasadena

Credit: Eight Turn Crepe Pasadena

Website: Eight Turn Crepe Pasadena

Address: 3633 Spencer Hwy, Pasadena, TX

Contact info: 281-888-5940

Operating hours: Sunday – Thursday: 11:00 AM – 9.00 PM 

Friday – Saturday: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Google Reviews Score4.6/5
Yelp Reviews Score4.4/5
Facebook Reviews Score4.7/5
Total Reviews4.6/5
Score Consistency4.6/5


  • Sweet and savory crepes
  • Great drink menu
  • Great variety 
  • Make-your-own crepes


  • Eating their crepes can be messy

Savory crepes? For breakfast? Yes, please! 

One of the more unique breakfast brunch places in Pasadena, Eight Turn Crepe offers a savory twist to the sweet French delicacy that we all know and love. Yes, savory, breakfast crepes – along with amazing coffee selections, too!

It’s a very unique twist that we really liked – and if you want a more typical breakfast experience, then their Eggs, Goat Cheese, and Avocado Crepe is the way to go. But if you want something unique, they also have Philly Cheesesteak available!

However, if those aren’t quite up your alley, then you can customize your breakfast crepes to your standard! You can add boiled eggs, cheese, or pork belly – your crepe depends on your taste, which is unlike any other breakfast brunch spots in Pasadena!

But if eating a large crepe sounds messy to you – it is. Don’t get us wrong, Eight Turn Crepe’s food is really filling and delicious, they fill the crepes to the brim. And if you’re not careful, some bits of food can fall off. 

We also have to give their coffees a shoutout, too! They’re a great pick-me-up, and it’s the perfect dip if you’re left with the bottom part of your crepe! We suggest getting their Nutella Latte – the perfect amount of sweet and strong for us.

5.) Sycamore Grounds

5.) Sycamore Grounds

Credit: Sycamore Grounds

Website: Sycamore Grounds

Address: 2502 Pansy St. Pasadena, TX 77503

Contact info: 281-978-6307

Operating hours: Monday – Friday: 6:30 AM – 7:30 PM

Saturday: 7:30 AM – 7:30 PM

Sunday: 8:00 AM – 7:30 PM

Google Reviews Score4.6/5
Yelp Reviews Score4.5/5
Facebook Reviews Score4.4/5
Total Reviews4.5/5
Score Consistency4.5/5


  • Homey vibe
  • Great coffees
  • Rotating bakery items
  • Affordable prices


  • More of a coffee shop

Less of a breakfast brunch spot in Pasadena and more of a homey, cozy coffee shop that’s open during breakfast time, we were really blown away by Sycamore Grounds and their great coffee selections!

As a coffee shop, we were impressed with their overall drink selection. It’s the ideal pick-me-up for those lazy Monday mornings and is just strong enough to wake you up. Their most popular Honey Latte is popular for a reason – it’s cheap and really tasty!

But if you want to try out Sycamore Grounds’ coffee at your home, then you can join their Coffee of The Month Club and get different coffee beans right at your doorstep every month! And for $25 a month for quality beans, it’s very much worth it.

But as we’ve mentioned above, Sycamore Grounds is more of a coffee shop as compared to a brunch place. So don’t go in there expecting omelets and waffles, which is a miss for us.

However, where Sycamore Grounds makes up for it is in their bakery items. We like their crunchy and flavorful Almond Bars, but if you don’t like Almonds then their bakery items vary day by day, so you’ll be getting something new with each visit!

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